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Technology / Audiovisual

PSAV Presentation Services maintains an office in the hotel, complete with A/V equipment, management staff and technicians. PSAV’s on-site staff is familiar with the unique aspects of our facilities and offers consistently superior service to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your meeting.

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  • If you are purchasing a complete meeting package, all of your basic meeting needs are included:
    • LCD projection/screen.
    • High speed Internet access.
    • Flip charts and markers.
    • Sound systems.
    • Ergonomic furniture.
    • Rooms specially designed just for meetings.
  • If you are purchasing your meeting on an a-la-carte basis, you will need to consider the following:
    • Be aware of several factors that can directly affect the quality and cost of an AV presentation: ceiling height, walls, floors, obstructions, windows, lighting, mirrors, doors, air conditioning and fire exits.
    • Ask the AV company's representative to walk through the space with you. This person will be able to explain how best to use the space.
    • Communicate with speakers/presenters to confirm AV needs. Plan for a minimum of a screen and flipchart(s), and LCD projector(s). Determine the availability and cost of this equipment.
    • Be aware that all rooms are not equipped with sound systems, nor do all sessions need sound. Determine which rooms need sound and which can be used with the systems in place. Try to negotiate a flat rate or a percentage off the daily rate when renting a system.


  • Are there obstructions: Pillars, posts, chandeliers.
  • What about door locations: Will late arrivals interrupt presentation?
  • Are there windows with blackout curtains, shades, blinds.
  • Wattage: Is there enough power available for presentation?
  • Ceiling height. Is the screen on a stage too high?
  • Are the walls lined with sound absorbent panels at least 1" thick.
  • How is the in-room sound system?